4 definitions by fudgie

Roadie Dave - is that one friend that has an alternate personality when her/she gets drunk. Their aggression is usually sexual in nature. They tend to yell and scream obscenities.
Roadie Dave: I'm gonna get you (while seductively running his or her fingers over their lips and/or nipples)

Friend: ROADIE DAVE! Ahh Shiiet guys Roadie Dave has arrived. Someone gettin' humped!

Roadie Dave: OH YEAH! ( doesn't blink and stares at you in the eyes )
by fudgie June 29, 2017
After a bout of anal sex, you provide your sexual partner with a shit uni-brow by slapping your shitcock across their eyebrows
"Honey, would you mind if after our ass-fuck I would bert you?"
by fudgie October 30, 2003