6 definitions by frufru

that guy is so hayek
by frufru January 22, 2004
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Most beautiful. Smart. Beautiful eyes and hair. Curvy. Lusted after
Ellena is hot.
by frufru May 8, 2014
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As a first name- a girl who sleeps around and is stuck up because she thinks she is all that. She try's to hard and no one likes her.

As a middle name- a girl who can lure in the men with her contagious laugh and her loving personality. Gorges and usually a brunette. Great in bed and she knows what she is doing. Everyone wants to bang her and no one gets in her way. She has a great ass and perky tits so every guy chases her.
First Name- That girl was such a bitch. Worse than rose.

Middle Name- I'm gunna band a Rose tonight.
by frufru July 24, 2014
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a person who finds it particularly hard to get an erection and ends up rubbing cream on the end of his forskin toget aroused
that guyover there needs to duffy to get a boner
by frufru January 22, 2004
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sad bastard that lives in the gym alsoplays for barrow FC
ohmy god you are so cowpsed
by frufru January 22, 2004
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