4 definitions by frontiercity

(Noo-glur) Noun.

Pertaining to the members on the world-renowned Kings of Leon fansite, HappyAlone.com

Another name for someone who has an obsession with Nathan Followill, member of Kings of Leon
frontiercity said at 12:30pm: I'm a proud Noogler! I love Nathan!
by frontiercity May 29, 2009
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(Kay-luhb Hawl-ick) Noun.

Someone who is in love with Caleb Followill, the lead singer in the band Kings of Leon. Founded by the forum members of HappyAlone.
frontiercity at 4:45pm: What can I say? I'm such a Caleb-holic. I love 'leb! Who doesn't!?
by frontiercity May 29, 2009
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(Jizz-lur) Noun.

A fanatic of Jared Followill, the youngest Followill and bassist of Kings of Leon. Originated on the famous Kings of Leon forum, HappyAlone.
frontiercity at 3:40am: I'm a JIZZLER and I'm PROUD OF IT! *kisses picture of Jared*
by frontiercity May 29, 2009
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(Mur-vur) Noun.

Nickname for someone who is crazy about the lead guitarist in the band, Kings of Leon. Based on Matthew Followill; the cousin if Caleb, Nathan, and Jared Followill.
Frontiercity at 5:55pm: WOO I LOVE BEING A MERVER! Saying that Matt is AMAZING is an understatement!
by frontiercity May 29, 2009
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