4 definitions by frogbones

A man without any pride. A man without balls.
A sellout.
A cellmate.
A pussy whipped man.
Joe " Yo Jorges girl won't let him hang out tonight."
Patrick "Damn Jorge is a sweet bitch"
by frogbones August 11, 2005
A woman who could be either asain or hispanic
"Damn! that's a nice set on that latchina."

"Her eyes are slanty but her ass is Puerto Rican"
by frogbones August 10, 2005
Things/words you do not wish in your ears. Gossip,lies and such.
Shelley "Oh did I tell you what I heard about Susan"

Craig "That shit is wax. I don't care"
by frogbones August 10, 2005
Inserting your thumb into the vagina and your pointer finger in the anus. The same actions one uses to carry a six pack of beer.
While I was going down on her I was giving her the six pack.
by frogbones August 10, 2005