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Many versions of www.google.com.
poogle, kizoogle, and froogle are all Alternate Googles.
by flclimax1 October 29, 2007

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A website where only noobs go to talk about video games. There is nothing to do there exept reply & then wait 3 days after for someone to reply back. 70% of Gametalk are just dead forums after the games become unpopular. The dead forums are then populated by noobs who do nothing but spam & no mods will get off thier asses to stop the problem for people who still go on the forums. The website isn't even about the games anymore. there are mostly forums like music,teevee, and pointless(just to name a few).

The people at gametalk live for moderators. Either the mods are real power hungry or people practically beg to become a moderator. Gametalk is no longer about video games, it's more about who's going to be the next mod. Most of the moderators are just ex-spammers anyway. The only way to be a mod on Gametalk is if you spam & get away with it(which is VERY easy).
Here's an example of a chat on Gametalk:

Person: "How do I find the sword?"

(1 week later....)

another person: "In the castle"
by flclimax1 August 30, 2007

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n: The website that you are currently on.
I had no idea what flcl ment until I looked it up on the urban dictionary!
by flclimax1 December 03, 2007

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1. In the fooly cooly series, it means Cleavage. Feel free to yell it out whenever you see huge tits.

2. A spoon and a fork combined to make the ultimate TV dinner experience!
1. *Stacked girl walks by* "SPORK!"

2. Thank god for this spork. Now I don't have to reach my fat ass across the room!
by flclimax1 March 02, 2008

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Stands for Rape-Out-Loud. Used only online as an acronym. Never used in real world conversation.
"did ya hear what happened in the showers last night after school?"

"Yeah ROL"
by flclimax1 September 17, 2007

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