A mediocre Japanese comic author whose work tends to run on too long and fall into the same general plot over and over-- namely, a young woman is thrust into strange circumstances, meets up with a bunch of people, and plays "Will they or won't they" with the attractive male lead for most, if not all, of the series. Depending on the story, the group may also fight evil or something, but it's largely secondary to the main plot (romantic tension between the male and female lead), just as it was in Twilight. Another commonality between her work and the Twilight series is that there are usually legions of fangirls ready to fight to the death in defense of the work, even in the face of rational, logical arguments about weaknesses in the execution of the story.

Although her works are somewhat flawed, they are still enjoyable to read and watch, as she has some talent for comedy, especially slapstick. At the very least, even if Inuyasha is not your cup of tea, it would behoove you to familiarize yourself with some of her older works, which are very highly regarded in the community as classics.
Rumiko Takahashi is a popular artist with many loyal fans. But just like how Code Geass is a popular show with many loyal fans, it doesn't make her good.
by Kakurenbo October 20, 2009
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