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The quality of being silly or absurd, with an off-color sexual aspect.
His readers were amused by his often lewdicrous turns of phrase, such as "She's had the clap so many times it's applause" or ""You must be nuts to be sleeping with her, or at least be thinking with them."
by FitofPeak June 26, 2012

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A particularly low-order minion -- qualified to perfrom only the most mindless tasks, on the order of a trained chimpanzee smearing suntan lotion on its reclining master.
I had a morning meeting, so I had my lotion chimp come over and let the electrician in.
by FitofPeak May 25, 2010

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A metaphorical rule to live by: don't make the mistake of choosing the cheaper option to save a buck in the short run, when you'll curse yourself later for not getting the better-grade product/service in the long run.
Eric: "What was I thinking buying that Porsche with the V-4 instead of the V-6 -- it handled like a Formula 1 car but is a total slug in a straight line!"
Tim: "Dude, you broke rule number 1 -- don't leave horsepower in the showroom."
And so --
Maddie: "This well Margarita sucks -- why didn't I get the Cadillac for two bucks more?"
Amy: "Exactly. Don't leave horsepower in the showroom, sweetie."
by FitofPeak January 02, 2015

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The article produced when one inserts one's water-soaked BlackBerry into a box of white rice, desperately trying to resuscitate it by having the rice draw out the moisture.
"Dude, sorry I didn't text you -- I've got BlackBerry sushi here thanks to my wife washing my trou without checking the pockets."
by FitofPeak September 17, 2012

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A shrewish, nagging spouse who thereby takes at least two years off of one's life for each year of marriage.
"Sorry, guys, I can't make the game -- the man-aging partner has me on garage cleanout duty, eff me."
by FitofPeak August 25, 2012

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A ten-dollar word for "screwing around," i.e., wasting time -- circum (around) + coition (having sex).
"OK, folks, enough of this circumcoition -- let's get this goddam truck unloaded."
by FitofPeak April 12, 2010

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Shitheadedness; having shit for brains. From feco- (feces) + -cephaly (pertaining to the head).
Professor Hull's thesis is not merely obviously wrong, but reaches new heights of fecocephaly. Kudos to the tenure system for providing him the continued opportunity for such ascents.
by FitofPeak July 13, 2012

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