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1. A tampon used for the anus. These are real. They are used for surgical wounds, diarrhea and bowel incontinence.

2. A tampon or anal tampon inserted into the anus of a woman after anal sex to block semen from leaking out of the rectum and possibly onto the vagina, and thus prevent the potential for the birth of a drippage baby. Doing this also prevents uncomfortable wet bubbly farts from happening.
My wife and I had anal sex. Then she wore an anal tampon to ensure that my semen would not drip into her vagina and possibly cause pregnancy.
by femdomguy7777 December 12, 2022
1. when ur hot super dominant girlfriend ties u up and rides ur cock all night long and u can feel it beat up against her vagina/ass cheeks
2. when ur hot super dominant girlfriend ties u up forces u to bend over and pegs u so hard with tons of lube ur in UNIMAGINABLE PLEASURE but it hurts the good kind of hurt at the same time

my gf does this to me and I LOVE it
my gf used the femdom force on me an i luvvv it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"the femdom force is strong in this one"
-yoda gone wrong
by femdomguy7777 October 8, 2022
when a woman forcefully pegs and rapes a man.
My gf gave me the femdom force
by femdomguy7777 October 9, 2022
when a woman forces femodm on a man
she gave me the femdom force
by femdomguy7777 October 9, 2022
When a woman not using birth control uses an anal tampon, or really any tampon of the right size, and inserts it into her anus post anal sex to soak semen and prevent sperm from leaking into her vagina and causing an anal fart baby. Some of the semen is absorbed into her intestines, some of the semen is shat out before and after the insertion.
My anal only wife uses anal seepage tampons to prevent an the birth of an anal seepage baby when she does not use birth control.
by femdomguy7777 December 11, 2022
Best performed by a taller woman on a shorter and feminine man. They are both hot. When a sexy super dominant goddess wearing a strap on harness with a super realistic dildo in it (a squirt dildo that can heat up and throb) ties up her sexy submissive partner.

When he is bound and helpless, she puts makeup and lipstick on him.

Then she lathers her realistic strap on cock and his thicc cheeks with lots of lube. Her synthetic cock can heat up, throb, and squirt and feels exactly like a real penis (yes, these kinds of dildos are real, but they are somewhat rare).

Then she calls him a good boy for being so submissive and breedable.

After this, she slides her cock into his tight bussy and listens to his vulnerable moans as they have passionate anal sex. After she is done fucking him, the squirt/ejaculate leaks out of his freshly fucked bussy.
by femdomguy7777 December 5, 2022