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A very smart and beautiful Russian girl who became a good friend.
That Girl is a real Katya :)
by Felix January 17, 2005

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Kindergarten is a german word for something like a pre school / day care

1to1 translation

Kinder = children
Garten = garden
Meine kleine Schwester ist 4 Jahre alt, sie geht noch in den Kindergarten.

My little sister is 4 years old, she is still going to the Kindergarten.
by Felix March 07, 2005

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Origin of all that is evil in the world. As old as the universe itself.
People who listen to her music obviously need a good shooting.
Father...I have committed a sin...I listened to a Barbara Streisand album this morning.
by Felix July 11, 2005

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a game with X's and O's. A extremely gangsta game
Yo G, quit tripping and lets go hit the tic tac toe!
by Felix October 16, 2004

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1. According to Paris Hilton a Fashion Designer
2. According to a girl I know a Popstar
3. A son of a rich Family who became a Doctor n then decided to fight against capitalism. Oh I forgot not in his own Country but somewhere else. COS HIS PARENTS WERE DAMN RICH! N SO WAS HE! That's what ppl call hipocracy
Btw He'd rotate in his grave if he's know that a lot of dollars r made with his face on fashion
by Felix February 10, 2005

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Someone completely obsessed with Japanese culture.
May also refer to someone who is whoring out the culture, aka, Gwen Stefani.
Can also verge on extremely annoying.
Girl 1: That person is sooooo being a Gwen Stefani

Man 1: I despise Japanophiles. I hope they all die. Along with the many other groups of people I want to die.
by Felix May 06, 2005

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a phrase standing on the gates of german concentration camps. Translation means "work makes free"
"Arbeit macht frei" = "Work makes free"
by Felix February 20, 2005

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