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Marietta, Georgia, the largest Marietta in the United States. With a population of around 60,000 people, Marietta is one of Atlanta's largest suburbs. One distinct monument in this area is the Big Chicken, used often by ordinary people as well as traffic reporters as a reference point. Marietta is also home to Alton Brown, host of the TV show Good Eats, not to mention the infamous rap group the BDB Highrollers (look up "highrollers" on myspace).
"Welcome to Marietta where the pussy is so betta" - BDB Highrollers.
by fartgeyser April 14, 2006

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When black people either walk slowly or stand around in high-traffic areas in large groups, blocking others from reaching their destination. Walking through a roadblack could cause verbal or physical attacks. It is best to avoid such attacks by avoiding roadblacks all together.
Tom, slow down! Don't blow through that roadblack!

WHAT DA HELL?!?!? WHAT CHO PROBLEM?!?!? (punch, slap, biff)
by fartgeyser October 21, 2007

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The act of removing a "For Sale" sign (or the like) from a piece of property that was originally intended for sale and placing it on another piece of property, usually of a different owner. The participant(s) then flee(s) the scene.

Common applications for "Switch and Ditch" include switching realtor's signs from yard to yard and switching "For Sale" signs from one vehicle to another.
Me and Ryan played switch and ditch on some house last night. I guess it's for sale now!
by Fartgeyser November 02, 2006

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