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When black people either walk slowly or stand around in high-traffic areas in large groups, blocking others from reaching their destination. Walking through a roadblack could cause verbal or physical attacks. It is best to avoid such attacks by avoiding roadblacks all together.
Tom, slow down! Don't blow through that roadblack!

WHAT DA HELL?!?!? WHAT CHO PROBLEM?!?!? (punch, slap, biff)
by fartgeyser October 21, 2007
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Being blocked in hallways/on sidewalks by a group or single black person walking extremely slow.
I was late for class because I was caught behind a roadblack.
by Darby022 July 18, 2010
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When a large group of black men or women stand up from a table all at the same time and begin to exchange long extended greetings involving there hands causing you to be unable to get past.
I was late to class because that table in the cafeteria road blacked me from getting through.
by firestorm618 April 13, 2012
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A member of BLM blocking traffic while protesting.
There were many road-blacks on I-95 this morning, making it impossible for me to get to work on time.
by Brother Joe October 02, 2016
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