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A statement meaning, "Oh come on, that can't be right!"
Person 1: I did your mom last night.
Person 2: Nigga, please!
by Falcon November 21, 2003
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People who consistantly do dumb shit.
Who the hell is the stupid bitch playing with pokemon cards?
That's Colt,
by Falcon March 28, 2003
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Any of the various Station Wagons with small motors and folding down rear seats.. commonly used for fucking
Man... she got with him in his shaggin wagon
by Falcon February 23, 2004
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An obese person.
That has got to be the biggest salad-doger in the world!
by Falcon March 07, 2003
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A jilted-bitch is a female who commits vicious acts against men.
My ex-girlfriend just just came to visit me with the guy she's dating now. What a jilted-bitch thing to do.
by Falcon January 24, 2004
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the reference of someone wearing blue armor as being a retard, only modifying the word, making them a blue tard
Caboose, you're such a blue tard!
by Falcon January 13, 2005
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1. One who you always see in the drive-through at a fast food place.
2. An obese person.
Joe: Holy shit, look at that Salad-doger!
Mike: Ya that's Colt!
by Falcon March 18, 2003
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