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Another name for the social parasite Paris Hilton, who does nothing but spend money and poisons the mind of those around her.
Parisite dumped Paris Latsis and stole Stavros Niarchos from "friend" Mary-Kate Olsen because he had more money than Latsis! She's a man-stealing whore! And an ugly one at that!
by fags-in-the-shower January 27, 2006

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Handsome, sexy actor who has an ugly nanny fetish.
Girl 1: *after reading tabloid* "Jude Law cheated on Sienna Miller with THAT??!"

Girl 2: "She's so FUGLY with those beady little eyes and plain-looking features. She'd make Paris Hilton look good!"
by fags-in-the-shower February 06, 2006

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A FUGLY former model with a face like a Ferrarri. Better looking than that fish-faced soon-to-be-ex husband of hers Donald Trump. Excrutiatingly overrated in looks.
If I had a choice between Melania Knauss and a dead chicken, I'd rather french kiss the dead chicken.

Also, those two will have the UGLIEST children!
by fags-in-the-shower January 08, 2006

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A husband-stealing whore whose lips look like a swollen gash on her fugly face.
Her mouth also looks like a swollen asshole with 'roids!
by fags-in-the-shower August 03, 2005

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A.A beautiful, talented actress with enormous chocolate brown eyes and beatiful pouty lips. (Princess Diaries, Ella Enchanted, Brokeback Mountain) Also, living proof that brunettes are prettier than blondes.

B. William Shakespear's wife's name
Anne Hathaway played the part of Anne Hathaway in Shakespear's biography.
by fags-in-the-shower January 18, 2006

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