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The release of pent-up emotions which one attempted to repress while getting dumped by the love of your life.
I served him with am emo unload following the myocardial infuctuption which resulted from him ending the relationship.
by Etak_soda December 21, 2011
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When you indulge in a kebab after a big night out on the booz, and it feels soooooo good at first, but by the time you get to the end of it, there is complete and utter regret because you now feel soooo ill.
I've just been kebabinated.
by Etak_soda December 22, 2011
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A pubic region which has been rudely neglected.
Woman starts getting naked by taking top off. Male happy & excited. Woman pulls off undies. Male gasps and takes a step back when the unkept lawn is exposed.
by Etak_soda September 24, 2011
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