Eso (Esoteric) plus (chology = Greek for study), Esochology is the study of the Esoteric dimensions of Man from within those Esoteric dimensions themselves via intuition and DEC Direct Esoteric Communication. Understood by either those who have completed a course of psychotherapy or natural psychics.

Esochology is a new alternative to the oxymoron "behavioral psychology".
When one receives an Ah-Ha via ones intuition, or a bit of Knowledge comes to one, one has just experienced DEC, and has tapped ones own store of Knowledge via ones faculty of intuition, and this is applied Esochology. Esochology is based on a well-developed faculty of intuition which is perfectly normal, but we in the West are taught to both deny and fear our intuition.
by esodoc August 18, 2009
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Esochology is the study and practice of the Esoteric dimensions of the Whole Human Being. Esoteric means limited to a small group of individuals, it also refers to use of one's faculty of Intuition.
Esochology is most useful in helping a person discover the unknown reason he or she keeps doing something he or she does not want to do.
by esodoc August 18, 2023
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