PsychEducation combines two separate fields of study: Psychology and Education. The original Greek word "Psychology", uses the prefix "psyche", which is defined as "Self, Soul and Mind", which are all "Esoteric" terms. Or, terms referring to the Esoteric non-physical dimensions of Man.

Education, by contrast, is usually thought of as a field of study utilizing ones brain and thinking.

The term PsychEducation therefore refers to a study that combines both the intellectual and Esoteric non-physical aspects of Man. That is, the use of ones Intuition.
Modern Mental Health looks to the behavior of a person, and tends to blame such behavior on motivational factors outside the person. The reality is... ones "reaction" is "colored by" subtle factors within that person's Esoteric MIND.

By using "PsychEducation", those in modern mental health can be taught to "look within" Man for the answers to "why" people do certain things. PsychEducation is another way of suggesting Esochology.
PsychEducation is a study of the Whole Human Being.
by esodoc July 27, 2011
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