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ok so pokemon originated in japan, and was brought to the us. the first games, wich featured the first 150 pokemon plus mew,were the best in my opinion. than the anime series came and kinda killed it, becaus the show was honestly 4 little kids. but pokemon is still strong. i can remember, in 3rd grade your coolness was cordinated with what cards you have. and i had tons and i still do. and in middle school everyone predended to hate it cept me i had stickers and drawings all over my stuff.... and it was this big thing when me or my buddies found a girl that still liked it man i remember this one girl, i new her for like 3 years and didnt know she liked it til one day i was in social studies and noticed she was useing cindaqual as a book mark. and dont lie and say u dont like it, cause its monsters u use to beat up other monsters with and get to put in red balls. also dont lie, because i know u got up early just to watch the show. i know i did. by the end of the first week i could recite the whole poke-rap.trivia;the first second gen. pokemon to appear in the series is ho-oh, in the first episode. also, i bet u stay up to midnite just to beat whatever new game u got. i no i do. the market has been killed by spin-offs and fakes, but honestly even i got a copy of the mad issu in wich they decide how to kill pikachu. the card game is great, the video game are great, but the show kinda sucks. i know that imm way to old to play it
person1: hey i get mew at toysrus!
person2:no way how
person1:my mom drove me there
person2:so how many pokemon u got now?
person1:all of them
by epicalyrandom November 28, 2011

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you morons!!! you know exactuly what a pokeball is! you stayed up till wwaaayyy past your bedtime on christmas day playing pokemon blue/red! i know i did. there the little balls you somehow fit gigantic animal/bug/robot/6 year old drawings into! i swear.... most are red and white, how ever there is way more including the master, great, ultra, safari, heavy, timer, quick, etc balls, comeing in many diffrent colors/colours
person1:hey! i caught a voltorb in my pokeball!!!
by epicalyrandom November 29, 2011

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