12 definitions by emmy

A very sexy guy! sweet and awww.. loveable n gorgeous n downright do-able!
ooo ur such a jonjon! ;)
by emmy May 27, 2004
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the coolest freaking kid who lives in miami. my best friend too.
boot drives a camaro :)
by emmy May 23, 2004
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roar is the best word ever. its an exclamation used whenever. it may mean "i want to get in your pants," but in my circumstances, probably not. it also may mean "rainbows and pink ponies." that gives you a little idea of the wonderfulness of ROAR. emmy is the only one who can roar correctly. it is emmy's word.
*emmy enters the room and exclaims:* ROAR!
by emmy February 03, 2005
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