12 definitions by emmy

A very sexy guy! sweet and awww.. loveable n gorgeous n downright do-able!
ooo ur such a jonjon! ;)
by emmy May 27, 2004
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a Stupid person and if this is thier nickname or any of these Meerkat, Aideen, or Zipper then they r super duper stupid and like the same sex
Hey Drivlez your retarted
by emmy December 04, 2003
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to throw a person/thing out of a window
tonight at wendys, koko defenestrated boot. it was hilarious
by emmy September 05, 2004
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the coolest freaking kid who lives in miami. my best friend too.
boot drives a camaro :)
by emmy May 23, 2004
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a egotisticl lmeanie tard
he is so disktrip!
by emmy August 06, 2003
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