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After fist fucking a girl anally, you pull your hand wrist out and the remnant feces makes it look as though you are wearing a brown glove.
Nikki always loved anal sex but I never thought she would be so into giving me a brown glove.
by emmeff July 30, 2006
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A sexual act in which a couple gorges on spicy Mexican foot in the evening in preparation for sex later that night. Later in the night, the couple engage in sex doggy style and the woman develops uncontrollable, blow out diarrhea. At this point, the man grabs her arms, pulls them back behind her, and revs her like a dirt while she sprays feces all over the both of them (much like revving a dirt bike stuck in the mud)!
I knew Carla was kinky when she agreed to perform the dirt bike with me.
by emmeff March 21, 2006
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