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an unattractive face often attached to an attractive body.
yer she has a hot body but she also has a rude head. so yuck.
by eliza ryan September 07, 2006
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quite simply a gross human.
did you see how rude that girls head is? shes such a gruman.
oh my god why didnt u call me? your the biggest gruman.
by eliza ryan September 06, 2006
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abbreviation for a disgusting couple.
1. couples who are both physically unattractive.
2. couples who cannot live without each other. dc behaviour invovles smsing each other constantly, making out in public, calling each other lame nicknames, standing within one inch of each other at all times.
omg did u see mandy and ryan today. mandy gave ryan a piggyback. it was so dc.
by eliza ryan September 17, 2006
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