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(n.) vaguely pejorative Cantonese slang for foreigner. Translations differ depending on who you ask. Apparently it was once meant to mean "foreign devil" (an extreme insult), but usually these days is said to mean "ghost man" due to white foreigner's pale skin and is used as a general term to mean foreigner. Gweilos get upset about being called this. Chinese think it's no big deal.
Chi sin gweilo.
Maa faan gweilo.
Fo shizzle ma gwizzle
by el revez May 13, 2004

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(n.) (i) The name given to the dominant gene responsible for a chav's unfortunate selection of apparel.

(ii) The almost inevitable outcome of trying to assemble flatpack furniture from such wonderful people as IKEA due to missing/wrong screws/instructions, etc.
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrggggggghhhhhhhhh!!!! I don't believe it! Not again! This happens every bloody time, etc., etc.
by el revez May 13, 2004

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(n.) The all-too-common typographical error masquerading as an apostrophe, especially on the internet. The apostrophe is also known as an inverted comma since, in its correct form, it does not look like this: ' , but rather like a comma that sits above the baseline.
You bloody art directors are all the same. Kindly remove that impostrophe and replace it with the geniune article.
by el revez May 13, 2004

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n. pl. c/f advertising. the demands set out in a brief for the agency to deliver to the client on a given date, agreed upon at length, set in stone, and destined to be changed over and over again until the deadline passes.
suit: we need a new campaign by the end of the day

creative team: (sigh) Not a chance in hell.... What are the delivariables?
by el revez August 08, 2006

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(n.) descriptive of one of those days when you burn your toast, spill coffee down your shirt, dip your tie in breakfast cereal milk, and things go generally wrong. Also known as a mourning.
Aw, mate. What a nightmare. Today I had a full-on breakfarce.
by el revez May 13, 2004

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another term for female masturbation. See also fat lip.
Karen's been in the bathroom a long time. She said she was applying some lip gloss
by el revez May 12, 2004

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n. pl. nostrils
Get your fingers out of your pick holes, you filthy chav
by el revez May 10, 2004

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