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Indeed the greatest country in the world.

to that person who said earlyer that the roman empire was bigger than the british one, have you even compaired them??? look them up on google. The roman one was most of europe. The british one was most of the world. and no, we dont all drink tea and crumpits, but they are quite nice :D. the biggest drink size in britain is about 1/2 a litre, in america, its like 2 litres, so don t blame us for calling you fat.
American:can i have a double cheese burger, extra large fries and a super sized diet coke please?

British: wtf? why are you getting all that crap then having a diet coke? why not just go all the way and kill yourself in one go?!!?!
by Edd June 17, 2006

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"Teh 1337". See professional.
OMG! He is such a wzpr!
by Edd December 13, 2004

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The art of ABUSE via the medium of YOUR Mother
I wish to De-Semonalarize in YOUR Mother
by Edd February 12, 2004

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a german SLAIIIG
you fucking german SLAIIIG mope`
by Edd December 11, 2003

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A another word for Yes
You wanna go to the mall?"
Chea chea"
by edd November 23, 2003

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quite possibly the worst band out there.the local gig is on top of the pops supplying the 12yr old busted fans with "rock"
"hey guyz,we r playing on top of the pops again!,maybe we can say how much we try and fit into the pop world and make a shit song about it!"
by Edd January 17, 2005

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gueule-french expression that means the mouth of an animal
ta-the french word for your
ta gueule face de rat-your mouth face of rat.
by Edd March 13, 2005

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