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an ugly baby
Upon meeting someone's baby, one must always say how cute that baby is. But once you leave the parents' presence, will turn to your friend and say "that baby was NOT cute. It was a total uglit!"
by e-weezy January 21, 2013

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making it obvious, drawing attention.
When fights are about to happen and the fight is suposed to be on the down low, kids make big crowds around those kids and they make it "hot" and obvious that a fight is about to go down. AS a result of making something "hot" kids get in trouble . So you basically blow up peoples spot when you make somthing "hot".
by E-weezy May 30, 2007

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When life is too busy during the holiday season, and you have no time to chill or relax.
Person 1: Hey man, wanna go to a movie or something tonight?
Person 2: Sorry bro, I can't. Got family dinner, work party, someone's birthday for some reason. This season is just HoliCray.
by e-weezy March 16, 2016

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When a man gets a girl pregnant on purpose, when she doesn't want to stay with him. Maybe it's a one night stand, maybe not.

So that you have that person in your life forever, or on 'Child Lock.'

This can be a specific person, or just anyone in general, so that you definitely have someone in your life for the rest of your lives.

Generally not used by a woman, as the man may just leave her as a single mom.
Man A: My girl wants to use condoms so she doesn't get pregnant, but dam I love her. I'm gonna poke holes in all of em so that she gets pregnant, then I got her forever on Child Lock.
by e-weezy October 03, 2016

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