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The state of being decended from the greatest people to ever grace this earth. Ethnic pride (well Deserved) by an irish man/woman. Im not white im irish ask an indian.
The irishism led to the severe but justified beating of a crooked toothed bugg eyed ignorant little english prick.
by Ryley Grady October 03, 2006
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A word, term, sentence or manifestation of attitude associated with and/or developed by native Irish people.
Not to be confused with an actual Irish language word, term or sentence.
1. (word) "Feck" - Irishism for "fuck"
2. (term) "Well" as opposed to just saying "hello"
3. (sentence) "What do you get up to of a weekend" - 'of' used instead of 'on'.
4. (manifestation of attitude) Popular outlook on sex in Ireland is a tabooist distancing of oneself from the subject matter, e.g. "when you (a person) have the sex".
This particular example is most likely due to Ireland's staunch Catholic stigma and also because Irishness in general is far from sexy. "Twas far from 'sexy' you were reared"
by Kensington Chapp March 15, 2009
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