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dred, bare random brers who i don't know are here

that guy is one loony brer

hes my brer

thats one stupid brer ova dere
by dux00rs October 30, 2004
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In the year twenty one oh one, war was beginning, the trigger of this conflict was when cats set up them (captain an co) the bomb. This subsequently resulted in all of their base belonging to cats. However one Zig can move for great justice to turn the tide of the war.
by dux00rs July 12, 2004
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Saying y/n parodies the old DOS programs people used back in the day. It means yes/no, and some geeks still use it when they ask questions.
For example:
"you want me send you that file y/n?"
"you wanna come out y/n?"
"y halo thar buttsecks y/n?"
by dux00rs February 4, 2006
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13337 5p34|< |=0|2 0|\|3 7#47 10535
elite speak for one that loses
u r 73# l00z00rs f00! f14m3r 14m3r n008!
5(_)><00r5 |=(_)><00r5!!!1111

You are one that loses, fool.You insult people in forums,are lame, and is new to games and websites.
You suck penis Fuck you
by dux00rs July 7, 2004
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some one stupid.
from the word doof which is german for "stupid"
oh mai gard ur such ay doofus
by dux00rs July 11, 2004
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