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step 1. fill a cup with cool water.

step 2. drop a handfull of yellow (lemon) skittles into the water, let sit for 5mins max

step 3. stir

step 4. drink, doesn't taste like REAL lemon-aid, but its pretty damn close.
Cord- i just made a big cup of skittle-aid, anyone want any?

fellow LD classmates- Yeah!
by Dus10 August 04, 2007

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past tense of pwn.
1.noobrometor: OMG i'm thoo theeen
Link713: Your an idiot, j00 phail
Lupo713: yeah Newb, j00 are teh lame
Noob_Slayor_713: N00b, you just got pwn't

2. Noob: aww man, i got cat tagged
Pwner: Pwn't
by Dus10 August 21, 2007

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1. when a cat pisses on an area or object to mark its territory.

2. people can cat tag as well but it is still called cat tagging when a person pisses on an object or area, this includes human beings.

3. on often occations, noobs have been cat tagged because cats are 1337, and pwning noobs is a great passtime.
1. Dude Misty just cat tagged my freaking bed sheets!

2. Carl stayed the night at my house last night, i cat tagged his face!

3. person: aww man, you smell horrible!
Noob: yeah i got cat tagged >_>
person: Pwn't
by Dus10 August 04, 2007

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1.when a person(s) completly pwns alot of people on a message board. Sometimes so bad that the victim(s) have run out of insults.

Also refered to as MBM or MBMs, noobs are most vunerable to being massacred in one of these onslaughts of literature.

To avoid being massively pwn't in an MBM, watch what you say, anything foolish could make you phail.

2. Also used as if a lot of people on a message board team up against a person (usually a noob) and all of them begin to insult the victom senslessly.
1.blueDS: super-man 64 was totally baddass!

noobman: yeah, that was a great game i miss it. =(

1337pwner: you noobs need to STFU that was a rait lame game, and people are still vomiting over its stupidity

bellguy118: its a message board massacre, everybody leave!

2. scenekid414: does anybody know if i cen press start to pause the game?

Link713: dude, your a noob, dont talk again. EVER. friggen noobzor.


DangerousTacos: FISSION MAILLED, noobert.

scenekid414: *cry*
by Dus10 August 19, 2007

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a strange way to spell and pronounce "failure" originally derived from the depressing voice of the narrator from the original super smash bros. video game series, for the Nintendo 64

upon failure of an event due to player's lack of skill or of game mis-cooperation towards the player, this voice labels you a failure at task completion and ultimately pwns you at life, making players wither in a corner, depressed at their own lack of skill, thus creating societies worst enemy yet our greatest victim of tease, the emos
*break the targets!!*

link: GAH!!!

narrator: FAILURE!

dude: dude ur a falur
by Dus10 January 12, 2008

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willy drool, (derived from willy spit

is basically pre-cum clear not full sperm, not shooting out, yet just sliding or slipping out
ugh yeah bitch, drink my willy drool

guh, its so warm.
by Dus10 January 12, 2008

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1337 (leet) for leetage, the state of having 1337 and/or pwnage in your system.

derived from 1337/31337
dude fuckin' headshot!

fuxxin' 13374G3!
by Dus10 January 12, 2008

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