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Henry Thanh Luu is a male who has an extremely large derriere, so large in fact, that when he turns sideways, his ass looks like a huge, perfectly round and juicy lump of meat. When a Henry Thanh Luu walks, his ass can be seen swinging from side to side, turning every head in his path. Do not stare at a Henry Than Luu though for he is very sensitive about god sent bottom. He will quicky cover up his plump derriere and run away screeching like a little girl.
Dang...look at that Henry Thanh Luu, i just want to stick a fork in it.
by Duey April 16, 2006

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location of the university of Oklahoma, not even a real town, just the southernmost district of OKC, often smells of fetid shit and mediocrity.
guy 1: "dude, whats wrong?"

guy 2: "i just got back from Norman, OK."

guy 1: "dude,......"
by duey August 06, 2012

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The words dick and jerk put together.
It was made when my freind accidentally said it when trying to say dick, and so i decided he ment dick and jerk.
What a dirk!
Man that guys a dirk.
by Duey June 01, 2006

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