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A slang word used to describe an idiotic, stupid person. Someone with a total lack of intelligence and very bone-idle. Often used toward someone who has just done something stupid to emphasise their stupidity. Is also used to make the 'guber' feel more humiliated.

Someone with a very low social status
Boy: 'Have you seen k's profile lately, she looks like a right guber'
Girl: 'Yeah, her brother's just the same, he's started straightening his hair to look cool, but really, he looks like a proper guber'

*A boy takes some photos of himself looking in a mirror, and posts them on the internet.*
Boy1: 'Have you seen H's new photos?'
Boy2: 'No, why? What's he doing?'
Boy1: 'Nothing, he just looks like a guber'
by Dubra Boy December 21, 2010

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A collection of plastic tubs, used in many asian households to store various items. These tubs usually have airtight lids to store various food items. They can include empty sweet containers from the local convenience store, or large plastic buckets, often brought home from a male figure within the household or close family and friends, who works in a factory handling dry food products.
'Uncle works at McVities, he gets us loads of pipras'

'This rice is Buy1Get1Free, I will buy 10 bags and store them in my pipras at home.'

'Mum have we got any more rice?'
'Yes, check in the store, it should be in one of the red pipras.'
by Dubra Boy November 30, 2010

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A person, either male or female who is dirty, disgusting or of poor hygiene. Another word for a tramp, or a skanky person.
Example 1:
Student on the phone to his mum;
Son: 'Mum, I can't afford to wash my clothes so I just wear the same ones over and over again'
Mum: 'God! Your such a duber'

Example 2:
'Man, did you just lick your plate and put it back in your cupboard? Your such a duber'

Example 3:
by Dubra Boy November 30, 2010

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Literal translation is 'I'll slap you one.'
A word used by Gujarati Indian women, to threaten their children when they're mis-behaving. It essentially means to hit the child, usually with a slipper, or just their hand. It isn't a form of violence, or child abuse, just a phrase used to scare a child, similar to telling a child off for being naughty.
*Family go out shopping and the son keeps pestering his mum for a toy*
Mum: 'STOP IT! You're not getting a toy today!'
Son: 'Please mum, pleeeeeeeease'
Mum: 'If you don't be quiet, Ek Japati Karu'
*Child stops moaning and behaves accordingly*

Son: 'Mum, mum, mum, ma, ma, ma, mummy, mummy, mummy, maam, maam, maam, mom, mom, mom...'
Mum: 'WHAT!'
Son: 'Nothing (sniggers)'
Mum: 'Ek Japati Karu'
(Son shuts up and minds his own business)
by Dubra Boy December 13, 2010

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A slang Gujarati Indian phrase used in anger to seriously insult someone. Most often used by Gujarati women, while driving. It is a very insulting phrase, used to describe someone as an idiot.
*While driving, a car, suddenly pulls out infront of a Gujarati woman driver*
'Woman winds her window down and shouts;

*Son drops a bottle of milk, his mum just bought, while carrying shopping into the house*
Mum: 'Clean this up you bam'
*After cleaning up the milk, the son then drops the eggs when putting food in the fridge*
Mum: 'Pick egg up you bam, you sala bam sala idiot.
by Dubra Boy December 16, 2010

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The literal translation is 'does that make sense.' Another word for 'Do you get me?' Commonly used within asian households, often as a sarcastic way of saying, do you understand?
'If you click here, you get more options, hamjan?'

Boy: 'Mum, i'm going out, i'll be back at around 3'
Mum: 'Don't make noise when you get back, hamjan?'
by Dubra Boy December 02, 2010

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A plate of food, where the food has been shaped into individual, bite-size pieces. It is most commonly used by Gujarati Indian women, talking to their children, when they are learning to eat on their own for the first time. The group of individual food pieces are called Bukhyas, each individual piece is called a Bukhyu.
*Mum serves her child a plate of food, divided into individual bite size pieces*
Mum to child: 'Come on then, eat all your bukhyas'
by Dubra Boy December 18, 2010

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