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An anus that after a shoddy wipe is still covered in a thin smear of quick drying faecal matter.
Billy spent all day at work feeling rather self-conscious after his poorly executed morning evacuation had left him with a rusty plughole.
by dreddjay February 21, 2015
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A stubborn shit stain across the back of the porcelain that was'n't double flushed by the usually drunken last user. Some maps have been known to last many months, even years in some student houses.

It is quite permissible to change the name of the map, for instance, if it has been influenced by Thai chillies or is shaped liked Australia. The choices are endless!
"Ohhhh my god!!! Who left a map of Italy in the bowl?!? You Know my parents are coming to visit the flat in 20 minutes!"
by dreddjay February 18, 2013
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