16 definition by dr merkin

(n) The practice of spreading one's butt cheeks and wiping one's ring on furniture, car seats, pillows etc. as an act of revenge or prank
Man, your coffee table stinks, who been ass marking it?
by Dr Merkin October 13, 2008

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(n.v.) An Australian sexual practice similar to a regular felch, but instead of eating semen out of a body cavity, involves sucking out beer that has been sprayed into vaginal vault or rectum (usually facilitated by vigorous agitation of beverage can/bottle).
That Cheryl was a wild sheila, I Fosters felched a slab of beer from her butt hole last night!
by Dr Merkin March 14, 2009

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(n)An aboriginal person who drinks a lot of beer. From abo (sl. aboriginal) and slab (a 24 can box of beer)
Mate, that slabo sleeping in the long grass really stinks. I think he's dead.
by Dr Merkin October 13, 2008

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Noun: the practice of cunnilingus from the rear approach, ie with the woman on hands and knees, butt facing the licker, and the licking directed to the vagina, usually meaning the nose of the licker becomes lodged in the anus. May progress to anilingus, if the smell and feel appeals.
I was gonna do Donna doggy style but decided to lick her muff from the back and my nose got stuck right in her ripe butt hole

Man you have experienced noseinringlingus!
by Dr Merkin December 28, 2009

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Noun; Disorder characterised by an overwhelming, intrusive and pathological desire of the sufferer to procure and consume male semen. Usually refers to collection of semen via sexual acts, although victims of the condition may also scrape residue from toilet walls or glory holes. Some years ago a famous group of Scottish semenophiliacs carried out an armed robbery of a Glasgow fertility center, making off with several litres of frozen spunk.
Dave: Bertha, this frig is full of little packets of mayonaise, most of which taste a bit musty!

Bertha: Dave, it is time I told you: I have disease, it's called semenophilia, and I am getting help.

Dave: So what about the mayonaise? (he isn't too bright, our Dave)
by Dr Merkin December 28, 2009

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A phrase to describe a large amount of blood, paint, tomato juice, originally coined in the 60s to describe the tomatoe orgy popular in The Village in NY, now used by reporters inveigled by the Thai red shirts.
All these Thai red shirt rioters with their paint, and OMG blood, it's like a menstruating whale snatch, yeah!

That expression captures the overwhelming red so well, I hope it makes it to Urban dicK
by Dr Merkin May 14, 2010

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(n) Tampon.
I knew my girlfriend was menstruating, as I saw the cord of her tea bag.
by Dr Merkin November 02, 2008

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