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to lay a nasty fart while showering or outside in huge humidity. results in a giant, disgusting cloud that gets moist and wont go away. second-hand is much worse than first-hand. first-hand even enjoyable to some.
dude 1: yo, what was that noise? sounded like a fog horn
dude 2: oh you know, that was just the D-man passing some big-time gas in the shower. looks like he'll be enjoying a jungle fart.
dude 1: yeah, a bad one, he had mexican food last night!
by dquecia October 04, 2011

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the quality of having one's balls out, typically enshrouded in some kind of blanket or sleeping bag, while surrounded by other heterosexual males. typically hilarity ensues, b/c the first instance was an epic, funny surprise and each following instance reminds everyone of the awesomeness of the first and the freedom that comes with having ones balls swangin' free.
G: "My balls are out"
Ch: "G has the floor!"
N: "I'm going to take my balls out too, but not before yours are put away, G."
X: "This is gross, yet I'm turned on"
Ca: "I just found a pube near N's sleeping bag"
by dquecia November 09, 2011

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A million dollars. A thousand dollars is referred to as a "G". A Gorilla is a huge "G" and thus, a milli.
G: Bill Gates said that freedom and happiness can be achieved with only several million!
J-Bo: Booyaka. I'm gonna get 5-6 gorillas and call it a life.
by dquecia October 28, 2011

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