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A place where Twits go, to Tweet.
I signed on to twitter, so, I could tweet.
by doug klast November 17, 2010
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Someone who celebrates Christmas. In the broad scope of modern day America, anyone who celebrates the Christmas holiday by exchanging presents or putting up any form of Christmas decorations, is a Christian. To a lesser degree, anyone who celebrates Easter by boiling, coloring, or hunting for Easter eggs, can also consider themselves Christian.
People who celebrate Christmas, Santa Claus, Easter, or the Easter Bunny, in any way, are Christians.
by doug klast February 14, 2008
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Asking someone to explain what they are saying or have written. This is often used as an insult, implying that the person is stupid, or, lying.
"Oh, is that so? Please enlighten me, as to how you came to that conclusion."
by doug klast June 14, 2009
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