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A lethal toxin found in all tobacco products, and several other plant and plant products.
With a lethal dose in the range of 45mg to 60mg, which is more toxic than Arsenic with a lethal dose of about 100-200 mg.
One cigarette contains more than the lethal dose of nicotine, if injested whole.
See cdc.gov for more information.
by dork February 17, 2005
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For further information please see lyrh.
LW- Hey, I lyrdh.
SG- woooo
by dork January 9, 2005
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It's our "lil thing"!
by dork January 9, 2005
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A lively bunch of chaps on the interweb who gather together to share links, news stories, and generally bicker at each other and call each other names.
Gee, I sure do like Madville!
by dork August 26, 2003
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Incredibly cool, like kick ass yet so much better. Kick ass cool is used to define only the coolest;)
That John kid is kick ass cool.
by dork March 31, 2005
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dress shirt and tie cant hide your curves *wink
by dork May 3, 2004
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slang term incorporating both words homogenous and humongous; used as an adjective to describe objects that are extremely large and of the same kind
Jenny has humogenous flowers in her yard that are called hydrangea bushes
by dork June 27, 2003
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