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Rudina is a beautiful drag queen. He's tall, eyes a gorgeous icy blue, lips luscious, dark hair styled flawlessly with hair gel, eyebrows threaded to perfection... he rather enjoys wearing gay jumpers with interesting patterns on them. He's an expert when it comes to giving blowjobs and is loved by millions.
Person 1: Did you just see that man in a dress? He looked amazing...
Person 2: That must've been Rudina
by domwithadick February 08, 2018
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A nice middle age bitch with humongous breasts and jiggly butt. Rudina will be down for anything as long as you don’t touch her underwear( you can rip it off, tho). Rudina can be found easily in her natural habitat, suburbs, wearing baggy tracksuit bottoms and a neon tank top. She can be recognised by her huge chest tattoo, consisting of all of her exes names ( which are a lot, like, A LOT). Rudina is a virgin who has two children (she believes so). Also a real proud businesswoman ( she owns a dollar store).
-Yo, man, I saw Rudina yesterday. She had shaved her armpits.
-How did you notice, her boobs so big even her chin is covered.
-She was demonstrating for virgin moms right, her hands up high.
by crnydkdindiddbkd February 14, 2018
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