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Verb. To remove a prawn's digestive system during the shell peeling process.

A prawn (or shrimp) will normally shit itself when it realises it has just been thrown into boiling water or on a barbecue. Therefore after the prawn is cooked, and you peel off the shell, you will find a string of black stuff running down its back. This can be easily removed by digging the index finger in just behind its head, grabbing the black string-like thing and pulling down towards the tail. This is commonly known as "depooping".
Hey, did you depoop this prawn? I see black stuff !!
by doc brown June 06, 2007
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The visible bruises and inherent soreness one gets in the elbow region after fighting with the person sitting next to them in the cinema over who has resting rights to the common armrest.
"The cinema was soooo crowded I had to sit next to this big dude who hogged the whole freaking armrest. Check out my movie elbow man."
by doc brown May 24, 2007
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Expression of shock or disappointment.

Australian colloquialism made popular by the character Ted Bullpitt in the 70's sitcom "Kingswood Country".

(synonym) "D'oh!"
Pickle me grandmother !! The wog's just crashed into the Kingswood !!
by doc brown September 23, 2007
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Verb. (Australian country colloquialism) To pause or rest; take a break from an arduous or mundane task.
Hey Al, you've been drying those dishes for a while now. You wanna blow?
by doc brown September 01, 2007
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When you need to go to the toilet so badly that the poo is starting to make an appearance from your bum hole.

Usually accompanied by walking around on tippy-toes and gritting your teeth.
Oh man! Where's the nearest restrooms? I've got a curious tortoise!!
by doc brown May 29, 2007
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An acronym for "Last Two Tryscorers", LTT is a popular sweep game in Australia in which participants win a cash prize if their ticket contains the last two tryscorers in a rugby league game.

Participants pay a specified amount, say $5, to receive a ticket which contains one player from each team. Depending on the rules for reserves, there could be up to 225 tickets with each possible combination. The winner is the person with the ticket that contains the last tryscorer from each team, the prize being the total amount received from all participants.

An LTT compettion is usually conducted on an important rugby league match such as the State Of Origin or the Grand Final.

LTT is much more exciting than its poor cousin FTT (first two tryscorers), since you need to wait until the end of the game to determine the winner.

"Hey Mick, are you running an LTT on the SOO this year?"
by doc brown June 23, 2007
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Confirmation that you have the same football card as one from your friend's collection.

havengoddit (antonym)

(flicking through your friend's football card collection) "Goddit, goddit, goddit, goddit, goddit, goddit, goddit, goddit, goddit, goddit, .... <pause> ..... havengoddit ..... goddit, goddit, goddit, goddit, goddit, goddit ...."
by doc brown June 12, 2007
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