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The Haunted Mansion Holiday is a seasonal change that started in 2001 in the Classic Disney attraction The Haunted Mansion. This overlay usually begins around late September and ends in early January. The concept of the overlay is that the citizens of Halloween Town and Jack Skellington dressed as "Sandy Claws" from the Tim Burton's movie The Nightmare Before Christmas came to the mansion recreated there own version of Christmas. Actually first the original concept that Santa came to The Haunted Mansion but Disney thought that the attraction was much too gloomy for Santa to be in so that idea with quickly trashed. This overlay is only at the Disneyland in California and Tokyo.
"Welcome my friends to my Christmas delight,come witness our ghoulishly glorious site it's time for our holiday tale to begin,there's no turning back now please come all the way in." Ghost Host from the Haunted Mansion Holiday
by disneyjunky July 4, 2009
Phantom Manor, Located in Disneyland Paris (formerly known as Disneyland Euro),Phantom Manor is the European version of the classic Disney attraction The Haunted Mansion. This version unlike any otherHaunted Mansion attraction has a clear storyline about a bride,her father(the phantom) and the husband to-be. The manor was originally narrated in English by Vincent Price but doe to some disagreements with French officials the ride is narrated in French by:Gerard Chevalier. This version is so far (not including to up and coming HKDL version of The Haunted Mansion) that doesn't include the Hitchhiking Ghosts but still has the mirrors that doe show you that a "ghost" is very near you. Also a another fact about this ride that the storyline comes from a mixture of the Haunted Mansion storyline and the storyline of The Phantom of The Opera.
Gosh, Phantom Manor is much more scary then the other Haunted Mansions.
by disneyjunky September 4, 2009
Haunted Mansion is a classic Disney attraction since 1969. The Haunted Mansion was first planned to be a walk through style and one of the earlier concepts was it to be "The Museum of the Weird." Then after the 1964 Worlds Fair Disney and WED rethought the idea of the attraction to be a "ride".The ride system that they were planning and used was called the omni-mover then later renamed to "Doom Buggy." After Walt's death the attraction progress slowed down extremely and that is when a lot of the urban legends began to start. Ever since the opening day of the ride the ride itself didn't really change much beside for minor fixes and changed to the storyline. Also a major change to the ride in 2001 was the holiday overlay of Haunted Mansion Holiday.
I love the Haunted Mansion ride but for the movie not so much.
by disneyjunky July 3, 2009
New Orleans Square is one of the "lands" or areas in the Disneyland resort. New Orleans Square is located by the Rivers of America and is home to two of the Disney's favorite attractions, The Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean. This area wasn't one of the original lands to Disneyland. Actually where New Orleans Square is today is once where Holidayland was located. Here, you can see New Orleans style architecture seen in the French Quarters of the actual New Orleans. Also here is the home to two Disneyland's most fanciest restaurants, Blue Bayou and Club 33.
Wow! It is so beautful here in New Orleans Square.

Can't wait to go to New Orleans Square to ride on The Haunted Mansion and Pirates
by disneyjunky September 4, 2009