The Haunted Mansion Holiday is a seasonal change that started in 2001 in the Classic Disney attraction The Haunted Mansion. This overlay usually begins around late September and ends in early January. The concept of the overlay is that the citizens of Halloween Town and Jack Skellington dressed as "Sandy Claws" from the Tim Burton's movie The Nightmare Before Christmas came to the mansion recreated there own version of Christmas. Actually first the original concept that Santa came to The Haunted Mansion but Disney thought that the attraction was much too gloomy for Santa to be in so that idea with quickly trashed. This overlay is only at the Disneyland in California and Tokyo.
"Welcome my friends to my Christmas delight,come witness our ghoulishly glorious site it's time for our holiday tale to begin,there's no turning back now please come all the way in." Ghost Host from the Haunted Mansion Holiday
by disneyjunky July 4, 2009