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To lure, entice or beguille into desired state. To attract one.
i was trying to go to school but meghan kept seducing me and i couldn't concentrate on anything except how much i was in love with her
by dilloe October 24, 2003

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to run game on a shorty is to straight spit the ill flow in the dime pieces ear soo you can get up in that ass

to actively attempt to entice a lady...
or to hit on a girl yo?
mafucka: yo should i run game on that beotchhh
mafucka2: hell nah yo thats a dude you fuckin gay bitch
by dilloe December 31, 2003

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Adjective: A word used to describe the action of an individual that would merit a girl performing oral sex on him.
Person A: Dude did you just hit that kid in the head with a full beer from 120 yards?
Person B: Yup.
Person A: Nice, thats headworthy.

Spectator A: Damn Tony Romo's playing like a little bitch.
Jessica Simpson: If he actually gets this touchdown I'd say its headworthy, but if he throws another interception he can suck his own balls.
by dilloe April 20, 2008

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the grand champion of the world that doesn't even care if people hax cause he still powns them in the mouth face piece anyways and don't even give a shit and just starts pumpin biggie small in the background and sprintin like 9 miles a day and is like yo i'm fast as fuck and makes out with coach vanatta
lil bennie snihooker derve snazz and johnny dills are all 100% borkatrons to the face
by dilloe October 09, 2003

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