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When someone farts in a group setting, and you and your friend both attest to eachother’s innocence.
Bianca: Greg and Dan both said they didn’t fart, and Greg totally had no reason to lie when he said that Dan’s usually smell worse. And it definitely wasn’t me, so it must’ve been you, Clarissa!
Clarissa: Are you kidding? It was probably Greg or Dan— they were totally in catoots!!
by dickyb July 28, 2018

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someone, regardless of gender identity, who

1. is admirably kind or well-intentioned
2. displays some form of naivete
or 3. is clearly not kind or well-intenioned, but people in different circles/generations still hold them in high regard because of a lack of awareness or discernment.
Defintion 1.
Jade: Taylor said my outfit was nice today. (S)he’s such a sweet girl.

Definition 2.
Brian: I think President Trump is going to Make America Great Again!
Max: Aw Brian, you’re a sweet girl.

Definition 3.
Mom: That Candace from down the street is such a sweet girl.
Daughter: Are you kidding? She told our geometry teacher that “maybe she wouldn’t be divorced if she wasn’t such a fat bitch” and then forged a dismissal letter so she could go egg her house.
by dickyb July 28, 2018

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