5 definitions by dickmichigan

The gay male version of a Scarlet Woman, ie a lascivious and godless man-whore.
You stay away from Rico you hear? I know he's hot but he's a true Scarlet Queen to the bone!
by dickmichigan June 15, 2021
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Mortal fear of hot dogs and hot dog related imagery.
"Why on earth did you take Andrew to the hot dog eating contest, you know he is medically diagnosed with chotdonkphobia!"
by dickmichigan May 17, 2021
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Someone who's brain is missing large chunks from a tragic draino-huffing incident. Will frequently lash out to their peers in insecure rage when they smell urine, which is frequent as urine tends to slip out of their penis during moments of excitement.
Calm down, you're acting like hunter2 right now and you're scaring the children
by dickmichigan May 6, 2021
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John Cena's Chinese clone developed by the CCP to best Cena in the ring of honor. Consumes several gallons of Lao Gan Ma before battle to harden himself against pig American cheeseburger ideology. Has never told a lie or blinked on camera. If he catches you with a bottle of his Lao Gan Ma sauce he WILL kill you without hesitation.
Bro put the Lao Gan Ma down, John Xina is about to break the sound barrier!
by dickmichigan September 15, 2021
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ban kneesgrow
please ban kneesgrow mods, he is being a nuisance according to roytheboy's law
by dickmichigan May 3, 2021
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