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A verbal 'beat down' of Biblical proportions... real Old Testament-style. To unleash an epic lingual assault.

Origin of this word is believed to be from Vietnam-era GI slang.
David stepped out of line again, so I had to lay down the Scunyun on him.

Sometimes it is used in conjunction with the word 'can'. Davey rolled in with his typical BS so I had no choice but to open up a Can of Scunyun on the bastid.
by Dickedup August 19, 2010
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Non-native Texans moving into the greater Austin area by the boatloads.
Frank just had two batches of Transplantos straight out of the San Jose, California area move into his quiet cul de sac.
by Dickedup August 19, 2010
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Nickname for the Federal version of the Lotus Elise introduced to America in the summer of 2004. Handle derived from it's high engine note sourced straight out of a Toyota Celica GT-S.
Tom had that Buzzbomb screaming way above 7000 rpm where it makes over 50% of it's gravy... on that IH-10 the other day.
by dickedup August 12, 2010
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