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1) A completely talentless person who is stupid enough to call himself an "R&B singer" because he sings through a vocorecorder (therefore a douchebag), also wears a stupid hat and glasses. Works with Aakon (no suprise there) and has no talent whatsoever and was made "famous" by tons and tons of tarded wangsters (mostly white) and teenage girls from Suburbia.

2) A talentless tool who completely destroyed R&B (which was basically started by decent artists like Ray Charles).
1) I was listening to T Pain the other day and I had to call the Suicide Hotline.

2)douche:"Yo, Homie-G-Funk-Fry-Skllet-Dawg!"
douche:"Yo, yo, yo, check it! I got the new T Pain Album on my IPhone!"
dude:"Great! What a total waste of resources and money!"
douche:"Huh? Big words yo! And I'm gonna go buy Solja Boy and Aakon!"
dude:"Oh great! Aakon and the Chipmonks!
by dhawk123 March 07, 2009

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1) The total DB from Saved By the Bell (R) and America's Best Dance Crew (R), was also featured on the cover of Muscle and Body (R) Magazine. Is a total flaming homosexual(denying it of course) but still shines himself up, works out way too much, has freakishly huge dimples, has greasy Clark Kent hair, talks with a slight lisp, is a complete toolbag/toolbelt, uses terms and words he shouldn't be using, is the whitest latino man in the world. Also is in love with JC Chasez.

2) anybody who shares any of the traits listed above.
Normal person 1: "Dude, you know that fruitcup that works over at the gas station?"
Normal person 2: "The one who is a total Douchie McGee with the huge muscles?"
Person 1:"And wears those see-through mesh tank tops?"
Person 2:"Yeah"
Person 1:"Isn't he a total Mario Lopez?"
Person 2:"Yea!"
by dhawk123 March 07, 2009

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1)The group of Talentless tards who decided one day to completely ruin the entire Hip Hop and R&B style, life, and music genres, consisting of people who were made famous by (mostly white) wangsters and teenage girls from Suburbia because they rhyme and sing through a vocoder. Some of which used to be kind of respectable, but over time bought into the money-loving tools of today. They are as followed: Aakon, T Pain, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Solja Boy, and the newest addition Lady GaGa.
1)dude 1:"Oh man, I just got done listenin' to WSC, and some Wangster turd totally comes up to me and iPeeps and starts going on and on about Aakon and the Chipmonks!"
dude 2:"Wow I feel for you man."
by dhawk123 March 07, 2009

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1)Similar to a knee slapper. Basically an unfunny joke. Does not always have to be a pun. Name comes from lame dads who aren't great at coming up with very funny jokes, so when trying to look cool in front of their kids' friends.
1)uncool dad:"hey did you youngsters hear about the three legged dog?"

son/daughter (sarcastically):"No! Why don't you tell us about it!?"

dad:"well a three-legged dog in the old west walks into a saloon and says, 'I'm lookin for the man who shot my paw!'"

(nobody laughs, followed by awkward silence and cricket noises)

kid:"Wow, nice Dad Pun!"
by dhawk123 March 08, 2009

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1)A ridiculously stupid song written by Hurricane Chris. Basically a waste of money, recording equipment, oxygen, bandwidth, and radio waves.

2)Basically a cat call, slang for "Hey Baby." Usually shouted by Wangster turds at the mall or in Middle School.
1) I heard A Bay Bay on the radio and I swear I startde speaking in tongues.

2)I heard this Wangster tard in school saying "a bay bay" and "ballin!" and I had to be physically restrained.
by dhawk123 March 07, 2009

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1. (n) A Poseur Mohawk. The first stages of a mohawk, or Faux Hawk. Usually smaller than the Faux Hawk, usually worn by preppy turds who want to look like they belong on the Disney Channel.
Ryan Seacrest's Po Hawk has slowly evolved into a full-blown Faux Hawk!
by dhawk123 March 01, 2009

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1) An otherwise unfunny, awkward, or just stupid joke. Usually a dad pun or something of the sort. Said after this to show that it should have never been said in the first place. Invented by hillbillies and rednecks when sitting on their porches, slapping their knees when somthing funny happens.

2)said after something funny and stupid happens.
dumb guy:"Two peanuts are walking down the street, and one of them was assaulted!"

normal guy (slaps knee and fake-laughs):"Wow! That sure was a knee slapper!"

guy skates and falls off rail, hurting his knee and friend laughs.
Later they are talking and laughing about a dumb joke.

friend:"wow that sure was a knee slapper!" (slaps knee)

guy:"yea!"(slaps knee very hard, and dislocates it from the earlier accident)

friend:"no that's a knee slapper!"
by dhawk123 March 08, 2009

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