13 definitions by det.und

A. Former assistant captain of the Toronto Maple Leafs and Edmonton Oilers, possibly the St. Louis Blues as well.

B. When someone, says something perfect in English even though they are speaking a foreign language.
A. Glen Anderson ought be in the hockey hall of fame.

B. Announcer: Il lance la puck, il coupe, qui s'apelle, c'est... Glenn Anderson
by det.und October 3, 2005
Someone who has sexual intercourse with a dwarf or midget.
We need to find a midget pumper to bone up this midget.
by det.und July 30, 2005
When you get sick from looking at a computer monitor.
shit man, i gotta go to the other room, i am gettin mad monitor malaise from bein in here.
by det.und October 4, 2005
a business man that is also black
look at that bizniggler , he is bizallin with that breif case.
by det.und July 30, 2005
yo we at the warehouse party blavin it , chronix and techno baby!!!
by det.und April 14, 2011
a. a person who bones amputees stumps.

b. an amputee that bones people with their stump , stump hump
stump pumper : Dont bother getting out of the wheelchair , i will just pump your stump.

you : sure or i can stuff my stump in your twizzy .
by det.und October 3, 2005