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a simple code to be put into a users aim status message. Whichever user looks at this status will see their own Aim username.

This is a trick mostly used by females when they are bored and want to talk too somebody or get the hopes up of several males.

Cannot be identified on meebo or any .com messaging sites.

The n can be capital or lowercase
I want %n in my pants. No joke.
by dennisd95 January 19, 2009

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The street slang in New York for a pretentious child looking for more attention than he can handle.

It is also used for wanting more than you can get.
Damn son you cant get all dem chicks you a crillah.
by dennisd95 January 19, 2009

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A game daily played by bored office workers sitting in their office blocks.

This game is played with two people.
One willing and one not.
We will call the willing Team A
we will call non willing Team B

Team A waits for the perfect time. The busiest hour of the day where all office blocks are quite. (It is important to have from 30-100 ripped out papers available). Once there is complete quite Team A repeatedly takes out a paper and crumbles it as loudly and awkwardly as possible. Team B will either get curious or greatly annoyed by the 15th paper. Team A scoring is as follows
1 point- Team B kindly asks them to stop
2 points- Team B asks them to stop in a rather demanding tone
3 points- Team B tells them to stop.
ex: Stop!
5 points- They are warned to stop
ex: I swear to god dennis if you dont stop
7 points- They are screamed at
ex: You lousy motherfucker stop that shit!
10 points- If they are physically abused
ex: One more fucking time dennis and i'll bash your head in :reaches over and chockes team a:
Auto win: If Team B quits job
If Team A gets too 30 points they win
If Team B ignores Team A, Team B auto wins because Team A did not get any points.
If Team A gets more than no points but less than thirty nobody wins.

Hypothetically Team A always wins. Cause its cool like that.

Winner gets satisfaction.

" Stop that shit Jimmy Fuck this shit i quite"

"Haha! I jsut fucking won?"

"what?""Oh shit!""Fine man you won this time"

thats crumperture for you!
by dennisd95 January 19, 2009

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A slang used mainly on Instant Messaging services, in which the q is replaced with the g to give the impression that the female is not at all serious about what she is saying and in fact thinks that it is cute.

It also causes emotional distress to males that see it for the first time. It gives the impression that your monitor is broken due to the fact that a q seems like an unfinished g.

It causes stress in the eyes.
omgeeee thats so fuqking cutee!
by dennisd95 January 19, 2009

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