5 definitions by deliman

the most brilliant filmmaker in the history of american cinema.
eraserhead, elephant man, dune, blue velvet, twin peaks, wild at heart, lost highway, straight story, mulholland drive. see al of them now!
by deliman July 3, 2005
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the little known fast food chain owned by magic johnson.
my grandma got a heart attack from too much fatburger.
by deliman April 30, 2005
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a broken shell of a man that used to be a badass actor before he found jesus. his most recent and controversial film, the passion of the christ, is a very well done piece of art despite the fact it has nothing at all to do with christ's teachings. unfortunately, gibson seems to have lost his marbles. see his diane sawyer interview for proof. recently, gibson criticized the acadamy for awarding "mediocre films." apparently he is also a sore loser, being as the passion garnered not one oscar this year. gibson is best known for playing the title role in "mad max" and its two sequels. despite what people say, mel is not a racist or a nazi, however, his father is an open anti-semite.
mel gibson profited on jesus' death, yay! what a holy man!
by deliman April 10, 2005
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A very talented animator out out of Britain. Works include the cult phenomenton, "salad fingers" as well as the controversial "milkman." You may also know him from his newest series, "spoilsbury toast boy."
by deliman December 22, 2004
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possibly the worst movie ever made. the creation of uwe boll, possible the worst director ever.
alone in the dark sucks my ass.
by deliman April 10, 2005
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