A mix of Paregoric (A camphorated tincture of opium) & Pyribenzamine (an antihistimine) which is strained & then mainlined. Gained popularity in Great Britian during the early 1960's.
If you can get your hands on some real Blue Velvet then you've got a time machine.
by Mad Baloney October 27, 2005
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Opium. The stuff that you smoke and is addictive and makes u go woah crazay. It also cures dissentary.
Smoke a ton o' blue velvet got none no more di a rear.
by DJ Staplez June 10, 2004
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While performing cunnilingus pull out a prepared blue velvet handkerchief and rub your face with it, then looking directly into the vagina scream "baby wants to fuck!" "You fucking, fuckers, fuck, fuck, you fucking fuckers" then look the women in the face, place the blue velvet in here mouth, then and scream "don't you fucking look at me!" While donkey punching her in the face. Made famous by the 86 movie Blue Velvet, starring Dennis Hopper.
Come on baby, lets take a ride on the blue velvet train.
by Mastervelvet September 15, 2008
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