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To be shown a picture of the author Stuart Woods. If you are Woods'd it would be announced by the "Woodser" or person delivering the Woods. Sort of like "tag" but with pictures of Stuart Woods. The best kind of Woodsing is when the "Woodsee" doesn't know that he's being Woods'd for a long period of time, yet it's right in front of his face or when someone woods' themselves; ie: opens a document that ends up being a picture of Woods, or opens a drawer with a picture of Woods in it. Similar to being Rick Roll'd.
You're at work early or late one day and replace a framed picture of a co-worker's family on their desk with a picture of Stuart Woods. They come in, and whenever they notice the picture you declare them "Woods'd"

Also known as Woodsing, Woodsied, and Woods'd'd'd'd'd's'd
by davehobgoblin May 09, 2011

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