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A real-life variant of the duckrolling and rickrolling pranks.
To hand someone a glass of the light or diet version of some drink, after either he/she has explicitly asked for the regular version or you told him/her that it is the regular version.

Literolling is the act of giving the light version of the drink while the victim thinks he/she is getting the regular version. To be literolled is to be that victim.
Guy 1: I asked John for a regular cola, but this is definitely cola light.
Guy 2: Yes, he is a well known literolling predator, and you have been literolled.
by datniggapimmdechinchilla June 17, 2009
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The discussion regarding the appearance of Zwarte Piet (sometimes translated as "Black Pete"). The appearance is believed to be offensive by some to people of African or Australian Aboriginal ancestry, and not offensive by others.
You and I can't be friends seeing as we have a difference stance on sintergate.
by datniggapimmdechinchilla October 28, 2014
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A bomb that is thrown onto your keyboard, and knocks off your F11 key.
Guy 1: What happened to your keyboard?
Guy 2: Some dude threw an F11 bomb on it.
Guy 1: Sucks to be you!
by datniggapimmdechinchilla April 4, 2010
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A stage in a discussion in which all of the participants are trolling rather than contributing anything constructive.
Melissa: His speech sounded great!
Bernard: But he forgot Poland.
Fred: You're just saying that because you are black.
Bernard: How did you know I was black?

Spectator: They've entered the trollphase.
by datniggapimmdechinchilla December 28, 2011
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"You know what you doing" first appeared in a game for the Sega Genesis called "Zero Wing", along with the phrases All your base are belong to us and You have no chance to survive, make your time.

One uses this phrase to point out that the listener is or the listeners are capable of finishing some task.
Alexander: I'm going to call the guy, and convince him that we are right about this.
9001: You know what you doing!
Alexander: Thanks for the encouragement.
by datniggapimmdechinchilla June 7, 2010
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