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A well known user on the forum Geekhack. Famous for creating signature skull keycaps (CC Skullcaps). Also famous for being a known asshole and giving other select members rare keycaps in exchange for weed. A general elitist moron.
"I couldn't manage to buy a CC skull because Clickclack blacklisted me for taking a picture of one of his keycaps."
by danstinywang September 30, 2012

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A male-to-female pre-op transsexual who uses the female name Jocelyn.
Joe-celyn's full 8 inches sure gave their date a surprise.
by Danstinywang May 25, 2013

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the height of someone's douchebag behavior
"Michael used to be such a cool guy, what happened?"
"I guess he reached his bro-cap."
by Danstinywang September 27, 2014

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